The Q-Kit

Inspired by Scandinavian life and landscapes, Quenched has designed a physical cocktail kit working perfectly with its own digital recipe universe. It's the worlds first cocktail mixing kit with recipe software embedded.

Cocktail mixing tools

Quenched is designing and producing a complete cocktail kit contains all tools needed and a  an accompanying recipe software. The Q-Kit.

We promise to help you create the best cocktails possible through our cocktail mixing tools and the digital recipe platform.

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Scandinavian design

We have put together the highest quality cocktail mixing tools needed to master every basic and well-known cocktail out there. The tools are hand-picked by top bartenders around the world and incased in a toolbox which also acts as an ice container. This ice container is designed by the famous Norwegian design company Eker Design. The design is inspired by Scandinavian landscapes and will look great in any kitchen, living room and garden around the world.

The Software

The software designed to accompany the kit, has been designed to convey recipes in a visual manner. This means that by using a graphic timeline where videos of the different steps ad tools are attached, the steps in the recipes have become easy to follow.

The recipe platform will be accessible through our website and through a solitary app for mobile units. It will contain recipes from all classic cocktails, a section for non-alcoholic cocktails, Punch bowls, tool presentations and interviews with top bartenders for their tips and tricks.


Production process

The process is on the way. We have designed the Q-Kit and have now started the production process. The bartending tools are also been selected ad are being put into production to our design and standards.

The recipe software is already been deployed for testers. Our platform is being built and we have a period ahead of altering the digital recipes to fit into certain user-friendly functions. These functions include search optimizing and user-experience improvements.

The production phase of the kit is estimated to last 6 months from this date: 1st of February 2019. We hope to send our early backers the first kits in September.

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