This stories page is dedicated to people who we think we all should take a moment to listen to. People who are so passionate towards their trade and path in life. We sure are proud to have met all of them.

Felice Capasso -Bar manager at The Thief hotel in Oslo

We were delighted to have met Felice on a grey and dull day in Oslo. He made our day bright and shiny.
Alex Moliner musician interviewed by Quenched

Alex Moliner, a man to look out for and listen to.

When and if you meet the musician and life philosopher Alexander Moliner, you will meet a young man with loads of life experience.

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Moontserrat Abril, painter, designer, craftswoman and builder

Our first impression of Moontserrat, was that she has a gift when it comes to her drawing and painting. Little did we know that she also has other talents and trades that leave us thinking about how many hours a day does she actually have?

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The story of Quenched

In 2018 we landed our mission: To build the best cocktail kit containing the best tool and recipe software ever made.

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